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Gears of Lore (Pt.2) - expLOREation Podcast Episode 9

Welcome back to the expLOREation podcast! 


On today's agenda, we wrap up the original Gears of War saga and cover Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3 and everything in between!


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The Early Gears (of War) - expLOREation Podcast Episode 8

We're back for another episode!

Today's topic is a long beloved franchise of ours: Gears of War.


The Era of Silence has ended, imulsion rules the world, the COG and UIR are in constant struggle; and suddenly it all ends. A greater threat emerges from beneath our feat, and now humanity is truly in danger.


This is the first part of our Gears of War series, and it covers everything from the Pendulum Wars up to Gears of War 1. 


Stay Tuned for the next one!

The Mandalorian Wars - expLOREation Podcast Episode 7

On this installment of the expLOREation Podcast,

We take a look at the Star Wars' Mandalorian Wars and examine why it was such a crucial time for both the Republic and Mandalorian Clans. As well as the aftermath of said war. 

Activision’s Modern (Warfare) Classic - expLOREation Podcast Episode 6

In this episode, we take a look at what exactly made Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 such a phenomenal game.


Topics Covered Include: Story/Campaign, Gameplay, Multiplayer, Bonus Content, Villain Analysis 

Return of the Living Dead (Genre) - expLOREation Podcast Episode 5

Everything Zombies talk this episode!

We review the zombie genre as a whole and examine zombie movie tropes, and the evolution of the zombie monster.

Included is some zombie morality and philosophy talk on top of all of the zesty analysis that we do.

Killer Klowns and Camus - expLOREation Podcast Episode 4

Ever want to hear how some obscure parody movie actually has philosophical implications? 

Episode 4 dives into Killer Klowns from Outer Space and what it means to be a parody movie

The Art of Jet Set Radio Future - The expLOREation Podcast Episode 3

Pirate Radio Station or Cult Classic in Gaming?

Tune in for episode 3 where we do a deep dive on everything that is Jet Set Radio future, 

and find out: just what made this game so awesome.

Halo: The Banished - The expLOREation Podcast Episode 2

Today's episode revolves around the splinter Covenant group known as the Banished.

We take a look at why the Banished was formed, Attriox's key battles and players, and how they are an integral part of the Halo Wars 2 story

Borderlands 1: Ten Years of Guns & Bandits - The expLOREation Podcast Episode 1

On today's agenda,


Greg and Gabe take a deep dive into the world of GearBox's Borderlands 1.

We take a look at gameplay, story, and art style; and how this all ties into what made Borderlands 1 so special.


Included is the updates for Borderlands 1 GOTY edition, and we cover all of the DLC included